Society and my understanding of it.



Society makes many people feel safe. It seen as what modern civilisations need to thrive. Many people believe that you must follow the the example society has set over the last 20 years or so. “Go to school, go to college, get a job then go work till you are 60 then you enjoy life. Society has thought us that we inexplicably cannot be ourselves when we are are emerged in public society. The people that do are seen as weird or strange. This starts from school all the way to life outside of it. I believe this needs to change. For the last 16 years of my life I have followed society and it has done nothing for me. I’m at a crossroads right now not to seem dramatic but its true.

But I have decided to make a change in my life I will be my self talk to random people I think are interesting. I don’t want to be accepted any more as long as I have accepted my self. Its time for change. Society I no longer obey what it set out to do.



Many of us have it, but seemingly most of us don’t. All of us crave to have this attribute so we can add it as part of our arsenal of personality and character. Not only do we want this trait, but we crave it, we are attracted to it and to be honest why wouldn’t we. It can be deceiving, leading us to false hope or trust. Many of us think nothing of it. ‘You either got it or you don’t’ they say, but many people do not know what this effect can have on people or themselves the one’s who posses it. In a way its like a superpower it can be used to  comfort,persuade, and enchant people. It has a dark side also, manipulation. Everyone can have this effect, its all about changing your mentality. In my opinion if you can achieve this you can achieve anything, its all up to you. In life you decide.You can do absolutely anything it all has to do with…..confidence.


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